MEGA Cow Spring

MEGA COW SPRING is palm kernel with 35% feed grade molasses. It has high rates of calcium and sodium added, plus magnesium.


Added calcium provides instant milk yield and prevents milk fever. Studies show a cow needs to recover all mobilised calcium deposits in the first 100 days after calving. High sodium for increased appetite and a maintenance dose of  magnesium oxide is also added.

Molasses gives MEGA COW SPRING unsurpassed palatability whilst providing high levels of fermentable energy. It also helps the digestion of the total diet (grass included) compared to feeding straight palm kernel. With high  fermentable ME levels it will help increase appetite and drive rumen speed and output for greater milk production.

Agresearch trials show only 51% of PKE is utilised by the cow. Molasses improves PKE digestibility by 37% (relative percentage). Molasses helps rumen organisms better utilise PKE.

MEGA COW SPRING is a stable, easily handled product and is not dusty. Custom blends are available depending on farmers specific requirements.